We manufacture tool variety combined with durable precision. Each material requires specialist know-how and experience in the processing. This is the only way to achieve optimal results.


In the field of PCD tools (Polycrystalline Diamond), we have acquired an excellent reputation over the past years. We manufacture from PCD precision tools which are individually designed for usage with aluminium and plastics. Each workpiece meets maximum requirements regarding process safety and longevity. Due to a high level of dimensional accuracy, the service life of these tools can be significantly extended.
Documented grinding quality for optimal dimensional and rotational accuracy are the standards at UC Tools – this applies to both rotating tools for machining centres as well as to rigid tools for lathes.


Using welded tools made of cermet, we can give you high dimensional stability and narrow tolerances. At UC tools, long tool life for small and medium-sized chip cross sections and uniform allowances are recognized standards. The advantage of cermet tools lies in their high resistance to temperature fluctuations. Thus they can also be used with cooling lubricants.


Drilling and milling tools made of solid carbide are a popular economical solution for solid and secure results. It is possible to achieve high cutting speeds and a long service life with them – depending on the coating and cutting edge preparations.


In the field of PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride), we have a lot of experience in the manufacture of indexable inserts and milling tools. Using this material it is possible at a low price to process hardened steels and cast iron even at low dimensions. Unlike the superhard diamond cutting materials PCBN does not react with iron and has a heat resistance of up to 2000°C.


Inserts with PCBN or PCD blades for the most diverse requirements can be delivered at short notice. Our experience shows that these are optimal
tools for the cost-efficient and precise machining of metals and plastics.