As tool specialists we design and manufacture special tools for customers all over the world by combining more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of tool design and manufacture. With a trained eye for details, our specialists manufacture tools from PCD, PCBN, cermet or carbide with long tool-life durability, thus ensuring smooth production. The special hallmarks of our excellent performance: precision and speed.

Our Expertise

Complexity requires experts. Right from the design to the manufacturing stage, our specialists use equipment and machinery on the cutting edge of technology. The processing of materials such as PCD, PCBN, cermet or carbide requires a high level of expertise and lots of experience. read more

Our Tools

We manufacture tool variety combined with durable precision. Each material requires specialist know-how and experience in the processing. This is the only way to achieve optimal results. read more

Our Mission

Actually, we have never really considered our customers to be customers as such. In reality, we see ourselves as partners who make an important contribution to your success. We take on each project with a feeling of joy – and with a high level of commitment and focus on perfection we get the job done. read more